KlearKare Invisible Screen Shield Protector for Ring Doorbell Pro - Lifetime Warranty

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  • $7.95

KlearKare is the best scratch protection you can possibly get for your device. KlearKare Protection exceeds traditional screen protectors, skins, covers, and cases. KlearKare is made a high quality film designed originally for military helicopter blades and is custom cut to fit your device.



KlearKare Film Screen Protector Features:

     • Highest grade protection film sold in the World
     • Virtually invisible with no 'Orange Peel' effect like many others.
     • Preserves your devices original design with no added bulk
     • Protects your device from dents and scratches
     • Built in Ultra Violet protection.
     • No sticky residue left when removed


What is Included:
     • KlearKare Custom Cut Screen Protector
     • One Application Card.
     • One Bottle of Application Solution
     • Installation Instructions
     • Lifetime Warranty


*Lifetime Warranty for this product is offered by KlearKare.com Please view full details under the support section

WARNING: KlearKare application requires the use of a water based application solution. Exposing your device to excess water may cause damage to the device. KlearKare will not be responsible for any damage to the device caused in the KlearKare Installation process